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He smiled back and before he could say anything Kaamini walked away, she had gone to the kitchen where two cooks were preparing food.

Rahul followed her and found her mopping the kitchen floor. She knew she was doing this for her children but she could not understand why…in a way she was…enjoying this.

Kaamini started doing her work and revealed the top of her boobs as usual.

Rahul’s eyes were popping at the sight and deciding that it was time she stopped.

It was a really stressful day for her with her neighbors threatening her from all around and Kaamini was working in Sharma house absent mindedly sweeping the floor not noticing that her pallu had slipped away and she was revealing the greatest treasure a guy like Rahul could get his hands on. She would lose her job if her masters found out but she would commit suicide if she is unable to repay her debts. The images of her hungry kids flashed in front of her eyes and with a determined look she decided that she had no choice.