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I think they are limited and have a deep seated need to limit female sexuality. I won't be surprised if it is mostly women and stupid, fat, ugly men though that seems to be the norm!! It is surprising how many men do not know that when(or if) women orgasm vaginally, they ejaculate.

I also hate how society has thought of women as lacking of sexual desires, or that we must be pure virgins devoid of perversions.

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It is NOT a fact that "women aren't visual" - various research (e.g.

Bailey, Northwestern University) reveals that women are just as turned on by visual material as men. I am so sick of hearing that women aren't as visual as men.

Women like to fantasize like men do, just differently. It also comes in recorded sound form, which voice actors will enact a sex scene which is recorded solely as sound.

A lighter form of voice recordings is with solo males who speak romantically to the listener. I think many people in society want to ignore he more recent research on females being visual, because it is in fact a blow to the male ego.

His research is based on the dodgy numbers at Alexa which does not represent how most people search.