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It implies this region is used in facial recognition because the perception of faces is one of the key elements of socializing and it is something we become ‘experts’ in at a very early age.Other studies have shown that although the FFA may play a major role in facial perception, the pre-frontal cortex is also involved. studied the neuronal activity of neurons in the prefrontal cortex of monkeys while they were presented with visual stimuli [3].Indonesian Spy Videos is ready to make you horny any day any time!

No increased neuronal activity in this region in the monkeys in this portion of the experiment.

The neurons were then tested to see if they responded to stimuli that were either whole or partial faces, which showed that the neurons only responded to stimuli of the face as a whole.

Neurons in this region only responded to faces despite being shown a wide variety of images.

To determine whether these responses were a result of viewing an image and not the emotion these images elicited, the neurons were also tested when presented with non-facial, emotionally significant images.

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