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I confess that I'm a 45yr old man and I'm fat and lazy... I take a bath every 3 days or so and do nothing around the house to help. Only a few of em really do anything other than flash there tits, and after you seen someone masturbate once or twice it tends to lose its luster.

I got fired from the last 2 jobs and I hate working. Not that there aren't any interesting people on there mind you, it just not nearly as cool as you would hope if your looking on picking up a cyber buddy or something.

in bright pink micro mini skirt, white thigh high stocking bright pink 5 in open toe heels that are locked on , a pink and white crop top that has the words SISSY BOY on the front in glitter , i large black inflatable butt plug is in my ass pussy ,a red g string pulled up high and red 36 d cup bra that i have large filled water ballons , a leather collar on that says make up is pink frosted lipstick, and red lip liner ,heavy black eyeliner and i have big pink plasic ear rings on, my hair is blonde and big , i have on 2in long pink finger nails and im holding my pink barbie purse.

then he told me go outside and get in the car because today your going to the DRIVER LICENCE OFFICE and when i pulled up outside the office he made me put on my blue tooth ear piece and ordered me to go inside and get the form to legally change my name .

I am 29 and I wanted to conffess what made me realise I preffered underage girls and I was wondering how other began to realise.