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And Donna told the Justice League thanks but no thanks, good show girl!

Okay did any of the titans of that era not have hormones flying around the place?

The whole immortality and physical prime thing is an interesting concept and it certainly does bear thinking about if your gonna live your whole life eternally a 16 year old...seriously gods damn Looking forward to reading up on her next chapter, and so that's why Huntress has the belly window, nice! So if Diana has the more modern, philosophical Lasso Of Truth, Donna got the Golden Age version, which was more feminist and political in nature.

Man, a woman with the emotions of a 16-year-old serving as an international ambassador. Hope we eventually get a Speedy design to slap into that VOX box.

You've mentioned before that "Hawkboy and Hawkgirl" were a part of the Titans at this point.