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Once trust is established, the person being scammed may be asked to send money, to provide financial or personal information, or to send sexually-explicit photographs.Often, the money is sent to allegedly pay for a ticket to the United States, or to help with an emergency like a need to pay rent or deal with a sick relative.I am humbly appealing to everybody all over the world who can helps me so that I can continue my education.

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Often, a fake profile or persona is created on the dating or social network site using a photograph of someone very attractive.

Contact is made and a relationship is built up via email, or sometimes via phone.

and can lead to criminal prosecution in the United States if U. Our attorneys will ensure you enjoy all constitutional protections the U. justice system provides to defendants accused of wrongdoing.

We understand how federal prosecutors present evidence with the goal of convicting defendants, and our legal team will help you to develop the most effective strategy possible to try to avoid prison and minimize penalties and consequences. Ghana scams can refer broadly to any instances in which misleading statements are made via phone, fax, or email in order to obtain money, financial information, or personal information under false pretenses.

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