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The fact this was my mother and my little brother slept in the next room was just that much more erotic. Seeing this I began to slowly pump her sweet pussy while cupping her right tit.

Removing my t-shirt and shorts I scooted down to where my dick was at her pussy and draped my right leg over hers then pushed the head of my cock into her vagina. I will always remember the smooth, wet feeling of the length of my dick pushing up into my mom until her ass was mashed against my abdomen. As it sank into my head that I was actually fucking my mother my pumping turned to thrusts and I felt my balls tighten as I erupted inside her, shooting streams of cum into my little mother.

“I swear mom, I really do.” My voice was a hoarse whisper.“As long as you keep your word you can do it with me whenever your dad is away and your brother isn’t around.” She said softly.

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I went into my parents’ bath and got a warm, damp cloth to clean her as well as myself then fixed her clothes.

I couldn’t believe she hadn`t said or done anything.

As a young teenager this sleeping arrangement went on when dad was gone.

As you can guess jacking off wasn`t enough; I was “feeling her up” every night I slept with her.

She was reading but looked over at me and smiled - I’ll never forget it – and said, “Hey baby, is your brother asleep? She patted the place next to her on the bed, “Come get in the bed.”I did and cuddled next to her, nestling into my favorite place up against her with the left side of my face using her right breast as a pillow.