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Source: Foreign Policy Unconventional Wisdom A special anniversary report challenging the world’s most dangerous Anne Applebaum JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 HOMELAND SECURITY HASN’T MADE US SAFER Hardly anyone has seriously scrutinized either the priorities or the spending patterns of the U. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its junior partner, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), since their hurried creation in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. But year in, year out, they continue to grow faster and cost more — presumably because Americans think they are being protected from terrorism by all that spending.

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While they were ‘off course’ a flying vehicle as yet unidentified struck the Pentagon and of the 7000 windows in the building this flying vehicle just happened to fly into the Command Center of the US Navy killed the Duty Officer, Captain Gerald De Conto.

Evidence feloniously removed from the Pentagon included (1) a turbine wheel from a J52 engine (2) a rectangular fuselage section (3) an airfueling probe from a Douglas A 3 Sky Warrior and (4) a shattered window matching the fuselage of an A 3.

2,266) received in fiscal 2009 for an “emergency operations center”; or the $67,000 worth of surveillance equipment purchased by Marin County, California, and discovered, still in its original packaging, four years later. As for the TSA, I am not aware of a single bomber or bomb plot stopped by its time-wasting procedures.

In fact, TSA screeners consistently fail to spot the majority of fake “bombs” and bomb parts the agency periodically plants to test their skills.

Here is the even starker truth: Poynette needs no homeland security spending at all.