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I am always up for the craic and the laugh so would love to meet for a few drinks or stuff first before i do anything, if you think im to shy or would like me to do something just dare me to do it..

im a sucker for a dare for some reason probably because i like scaring myself every once in awhile to keep the auld ticker ticking over..

put that in your pipe and smoke it lol ;-) i am a single lad who enjoys dirty fun,i am big into frotage/edging major edging sessions jizz,masturbating,wankin,pissin,rimmin,fuckin,cock suckin,oral.i enjoy chillin and having fun ''I am new to all of this just said id give it a try so forgive me if i make any mistakes the first while'' Finally starting to get the hang of this, still not confident enough tho 2jump into the middle of a chatroom full of ppl but getting there..

its hard to find sexual adventurous confident women (fun only no relationships) the conventional way so said this might be a option because there is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in there own body...

That thought alone as I look up at her from my hands and knees and seeing that ,kinky devilish look in her eyes as she smiles while licking her lips tells me that tonight we are going to have wild kinky out fucking sex and I can't freaking wait :) Like I said we all have boundaries , well most of us do and they must be honoured and upheld at all times .