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For an hour Emma answered questions ranging from Noah and Regression to hair and her inspirations. I love that she had so many different dimensions Georgia Jai @Georgia Jai @Em Watson Which animal would you have put on the ark first? @russellcrowe was incredibly warm and supportive ♡rachel♡ @rraaychee What should your fans expect in “Noah”?Emma began the chat with a selfie tweeting “Fire away!! Christian @Chris Rob Pl @Em Watson Noah is a unique film what do you think that is so special about it and what makes it different compare to other films? #Ask Emma #Noah Emma Watson @Em Watson [email protected] Jai a cat. #Ask Emma Emma Watson @Em Watson [email protected] You’ll come out breathless. Niall Flynn @Flinkaroo @Em Watson Heinz ketchup or Chef Ketchup?

Emma watson webcam chat

She called for fans to fill out a form telling her how they're advancing gender equality or about how gender inequality has affected their life.

She also invited fans to send her questions about her campaign.

#Ask Emma @accioaddict @Em Watson Are you having fun answering your fan’s questions? xx Maddy Taylor @maddyrtaylor Do you ever miss Harry Potter?

#Ask Emma Emma Watson @Em Watson [email protected] I really am !!! #Ask Emma @Em Watson Emma Watson @Em Watson [email protected] of course!! #Ask Emma Emma Watson @Em Watson [email protected] I love both. #Ask Emma Emma Watson @Em Watson [email protected] I listened to The XX ‘Angels’ a lot for a really hard scene in Noah.

launching the He For She Gender Equality campaign, the Goodwill Ambassador recently hosted a Twitter chat where she doled out seriously amazing advice to one follower who's father told her she couldn't be an engineer because she's a female.