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“It might be all that’s keeping them from working on the street,” she said.

On Monday, the Sex Workers Outreach Project, which advocates for the rights of sex workers, vowed to “fight back,” saying in a statement, “It is hard to put into words the intense anxiety, stress and sense of oppression our community is currently experiencing.

This roots from the idea that people with disabilities are asexual in nature and are not sexually active.

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Last October, then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced charges against the website’s chief executive officer, Carl Ferrer, and its founders, James Larkin and Michael Lacey.

A judge dismissed those charges in December; about two weeks later, Harris announced new charges against the men.

“The internal company documents obtained by the Subcommittee conclusively show that Backpage’s public defense is a fiction.” The report went on to say that Backpage had “concealed evidence of criminality” by editing ads, that it had acknowledged its role in facilitating sex trafficking and that Ferrer, Lacey and Larkin continued to own the website even though they had claimed to have distanced themselves from it.

Referring to the findings, Senator Claire Mc Caskill said Monday on Twitter, “It pays to never give up.

Right now, thousands of individuals are wondering where they are going to go to earn money they need to pay rent, buy their family’s clothes and food and fill their metro card or gas tank.” This article has been updated to include details from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations​ report on Backpage and quotes from Lori Cohen, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the mother of a teenager who was forced to sell sex on Backpage and the Sex Workers Outreach Project.