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District 2 is very cheap and Phu Nuan is also popular, and it also depends if you rent as a couple or single. It’s a house that’s full of friendly Vietnamese who tend to look after me as their token white girl–they’re very kind!

My landlord and his wife have a very sweet little boy who literally explodes in excitement every time he sees me and, so far, being about 2 years old, has learned how to say ‘BYE’ very loudly and not much else. The couple run a Vietnamese coffee shop and a salon on the bottom two floors of the place and Thinh, the landlord, is a banker. Not to mention, I have very direct access to coffee 😉 My room itself has a cupboard for miscellaneous items and a bench-top for other miscellaneous items.

The traffic, well, Saigonese drivers (myself included) are insane, end of story.

But the horribly clever serpents who flock here to take advantage of the legal minimalism, that’s a far more complex web. I have met quite a few strangers recently that have considerably scared me.

She shares everything about life in Vietnam in this thorough interview, from first to lasting impressions. Last year, I want to say around August or something like that, I was riding my bicycle with my then roommate, Annie-Rose, when my bag and everything in it was snatched from before my eyes. I had developed the habit of putting my bag in the basket on the front of my bike and squishing it deep down so that there was nothing to grab and use to steal it.