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Registering a nickname in chat means that no one else will be able to use it and, if you intend to frequent the chatroom, is helpful when interacting with fellow members.

Duplicate or Offensive Nicknames There is no reason for a single individual to have to register more than one nickname, but there is no real way for the chat system to stop it from happening.

Under no circumstances will 'preaching' or otherwise telling people they 'must' believe a religious element, or that they are 'wrong' for believing however they personally practice their religion be tolerated.

No Spamming or Adult Content Spamming in the chatroom includes posting the same message again and again, or posting the available emoticons over and over.

The chatroom already has a system designed to do this, and if a log of prior comments is needed for any reason it will at the decision of the station owner to use them.