Camsathome richardson

Wednesdays at Bingo Hall are aptly called “Cliff Hanging Wednesdays” – the more you deposit the more rewards you earn.

So if you deposit to , you earn a bonus of 125%, depositing to will get you 140% bonus, to deposit will earn 160% bonus while deposits over 0 are entitled to 190% bonus.

From 8am to 10 am, if you are the winner of the most bingos in chat games, you can win a bonus of .

On Tuesdays, Bingo Hall runs the VIP 100% Special for players who haven’t cashed out on Monday.

Bonus will be calculated based on the player’s VIP level with an additional 100%.

Case in point: Within 30 seconds of our getting Richardson on the phone, she’s laughing as she tells the story of her ill-fated tenure on the high-school track team.

“It was my first race at my first meet,” she recalls.

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