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But ask them, if you had all the will power you should have been able to stop then why did you go back to your addiction?

By now you should know that no matter how much will power you have you won’t be able to just stop your addiction with will power.

I managed to get myself off it for a few months but the other day I was browsing the internet and I accidentally discovered Adult Web cams.

This is something I never knew about before and when I checked it out, I couldn't believe it was real. When I first discovered it I signed up, and had a "private session" with one of the girls that I liked a lot based on the fact that she looked almost exactly like cameron diaz. I had one private session with her then I cancelled my account immediately.

Since that day, I check to see what girls are online almost everyday. I just go from live webcam to live webcam for hours on end. I had never done anything like this before, and it felt a lot like cheating.