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Each of the bristles – which at 0.178mm are fine enough to reach into the gaps between the teeth – is coated with microscopic mineral ions.

These stay active for around a month, after which it’s time to use a new brush (‘misoka’ means ‘last day of the month’ in Japanese).

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The initial Apple Watch launch, in April last year, came close to breaking the internet (or at least the pavement outside Apple stores globally), and this latest amalgamation of craftsmanship and technology hit a luxury high when it was announced in September.

So now, in addition to heart-monitoring, step-counting and waving for contactless payment, serious fashion cred is well within arm’s reach.

Raw-seamed, leather bucket-totes in contrasting colours or flashes of zebra skin completed the collection.

Apple Watch Hermès, by Apple and Hermès Life enhancer of the year High style and tech smarts have never been more in sync than in this year’s surprise pairing: the Apple Watch Hermès.

Rather than trying to make it disappear, they’ve designed a quite individual piece of furniture, which happens to show moving images.