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The mother of Amanda Todd says she is relieved that a trial began Wednesday in the Netherlands for a Dutch man who is also accused in Canada of sexually extorting her daughter.

“It gave me a feeling that, 'Yes, this is finally happening,' ” said Carol Todd of Port Coquitlam, B. Coban also faces five charges related to Todd, who killed herself in 2012 at the age of 15 after being bullied over nude photos posted on social media by an online harasser.

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But sweet because this is the start of a justice process that will hopefully bring an outcome that we'll all be happy with,” she said.

“And then it's just one step closer to possibly him being extradited here so that Amanda's case can be tried.” Amanda Todd brought the problem of cyberbullying to mainstream attention in 2012 after her video describing how she was lured by a stranger to expose her breasts on a webcam.

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